Peter Morse - 1940 Woodie Face Mask

1940 Woodie Mask for Peter Morse

Peter's Woodie is a 1040 Ford Deluxe Wagon. He originally bought it in 1968, and it was in fairly rough shape. However, the original wood was entirely intact.  He stored the car until the mid 80’s, when he decided to restore it.  It wasn’t a show-quality restoration as much as a daily user-type restoration.  The original wood, metal body parts, dash, gauges, seats, and drive train were kept intact and made usable.  The wood, to this day, is totally original and in beautiful condition.

About 20 years ago Peter brought the car up to Tahoe and enjoyed driving it in the immediate area.  While the wood, body, and interior remain original, he has since had the car upgraded to totally modernize the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and wiring.  Instead of the original flathead V8 (which was unpredictable, at best on the mountain roads and freeways), the car now runs with a Chevy 304 V8; 3-speed automatic Transmission; Ford 8-inch rear end; 4-wheel Disc brakes; and all new suspension.  It’s barely had any miles put on it since being rebuilt over the last 2 years.  Peter is looking forward to getting it out of winter storage and on to the local roads soon.

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