Just wanted to send a rhino sized THANK YOU to you, Megan and the entire gang at Sew What who I know are working around the clock in these very challenging times under uncertain and tough circumstances.

I can assure you that every dollar of your donation is going (this week) directly to the front line of the rhino poaching crises. The situation here in South Africa are extremely volatile and people on the ground who are tasked with protecting wildlife, including endangered species like rhino, elephant, lions, leopards, pangolin, etc etc -- are facing more pressure than ever to keep anti-poaching teams operational, to fund search & rescue missions for rhino calves when their mothers are killed by poachers, and to care for these scared and often wounded rhino orphans who need a second chance at survival.

We are at a critical moment in time for the species and every single individual rhino counts. So when you're there in LA working long hours with no end in sight to the mayhem -- please think of all the CUTE AS HECK and very precious rhino's that your good work is helping to keep safe, loved, healthy, and their lovely bellies full of milk & hay. A few that your donation will be helping are pictured below.

1,000 thank yous from myself and our team! With love, strength and a giant High-5 from South Africa,


Founder & President, Council of Contributors

OMG These are Bad ass!! ur masks were the 4th set I've bought thru different company's and your mask BY FAR are the best!!
So Thankful.


This is really terrific and I can’t thank you enough for supporting our efforts. I commend everyone at your organization that has pivoted your business to meet the current demands given this unprecedented circumstance.

Continue to remain safe and healthy.


MusiCares Foundation

I received my order. I love the fit and the style. (Face Shield Headgear)


Thank you for sending the masks out so quickly. I am sure your masks are helping make a difference in people's lives, quite probably saving them.


I posted your link on multiple NEXT DOOR postings, and have been shooting your stuff around other sites as well.

We love our solid black masks, but the "HELLO MY NAME IS" gets folks talking in the line at the store. Super great design.

I’ll be on today to buy some tat masks 🙂


I’m stoked. Thank you for making an awesome product! It’s been a pleasure working with you all. Very fast and efficient process.

Thank you!!


Just received the Cap and Face Shields. We LOVE them. Caps never fit me, but these do. Even talked my friend into trying one (she's super claustrophobic). We're going to order more!


Our entire family thanks you.

Great craft and design come together in your team’s work. The tattoo inspired designs generated mad squabbles among our kids. Fit is solid and we love the adjustable fasteners. The hat with buttons - stroke of genius.


We love the masks, even sent two to my daughter, who is an RN, and her husband in DC, and it’s their go-to mask. Great work, really. xo


Love it! Love it! Love it!


I just placed another order - thank you very much! I'm giving your masks to my friends because I like them so much!!!


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