Sara Wilson Photography

I am an international fashion photographer turned Rhino warrior,(@schierkeartists). I started an instagram campaign @fashionsayno, after finding out that my adopted baby rhinos had been slaughtered for their little horns. I could no longer sit and let this happen. I have been serving on the Board of Directors for the Council of Contributors for a year now. Together with the amazing support of the founder of CoC, I have travelled many times down to South Africa to shoot projects, orphanages & rhino relocations.

Many of my editorial stories have appeared in fashion magazines, featuring rhinos. One of them won 1st Prize Wildlife category Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.

Julia Margaret Cameron Award

After this little darlinSara Wilsong, Twinkle, who lives at Care for Wild Orphanage, fell asleep on my lap, I have been enslaved by their magic. Will continue to work for the preservation of the species until I stop breathing.

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